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Friday After Four-thirty concert

6:30pm at or near the Pavilion. It’s on. Tomorrow night.

Update: Some pictures and vids.


Friday After Four-thirty

Fridays After Five starts on April 18. I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Haven’t you? I wonder what’s under that ridiculously giant white tent when they don’t have a concert going. Empty seats and an empty stage, I presume…

To commemorate the new season of Fridays, let’s throw our own rock concert. We’ll set up an Xbox 360 with Rock Band and rock out to rockin tunes. On stage. At the Pavilion. I shall call it One Friday After Four-thirty. Stupid. And fun. Perfect. Come rock out.

I haven’t worked out the logistics yet. A TV is good enough for me, but if anyone wants to provide a PA (or semi-portable stereo with aux input), that would obviously rock harder. And I don’t know what the power situation is there, so if you have a generator, that would rock as well. Details to follow, but I’m guessing it will happen on April 11.