Pillow Fight!

pillow fight by JeanetteWood

Join whoever else shows up for a pillow fight on the downtown mall! It’s International Pillow Fight Day.

Saturday March 22 2:00p, at the 2nd St crossing.

The rules:

  • Soft pillows only.
  • Swing lightly—many people will be swinging at once.
  • Do not swing at people without pillows.
  • Do not swing at people with cameras.
  • Remove glasses beforehand (more of a recommendation really).
  • The event is free and appropriate for all ages.
  • Wait until the signal to begin.
  • Non-synthetic pillows are better, in case stuff goes flying everywhere.

Bring your pillow concealed if you want to make things more interesting – like in a backpack, shopping bag, or big coat. Otherwise you’re carrying a pillow around downtown, and that’s just foolish.

If you really really can’t come, you can check it out on the Hook webcam.


Hello World

So… I guess I’m starting a blog to try to collect and instigate random, fun, mostly childish stuff to do around town. I’ll probably steal some ideas from the internets at first. Let’s start with a pillow fight.