Critical Mass tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month and critical mass is happening. Somewhere. I don’t know where they meet. All I got is an email that says, “Critical Mass tomorrow!! See ya in the streets!” Sounds fun. Maybe I should dust off my bike.

Critical mass is a monthly mass bike ride that takes place the last Friday of every month. It started in 1992 in San Francisco and has spread. It’s purpose is generally to raise awareness of cycling as an alternative to cars. If Cville’s works the same way, there’s no leader or planned route—whoever is in front decides where the crowd goes. I can’t find any information about how long they’ve been doing this here either. Maybe 2001? Maybe 2005?

If you have done it before or have more details, let us know in the comments.

Update: I’m told they meet on the Corner at the big grass field at 5pm.


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