Charlottesville has women’s roller derby? Sweet.

It appears Charlottesville has a women’s roller derby league—the Derby Dames. Here’s a little bit about them from the Cav Daily.

They are still getting up and running, and don’t have any matches scheduled yet. But if you’re a girl, you can check them out at their weekly Wednesday practices at the National Guard Armory. If you’re a guy, they need refs so you can check them out too.

Once they get games going that the rest of us can watch…sounds like fun.


Friday After Four-thirty concert

6:30pm at or near the Pavilion. It’s on. Tomorrow night.

Update: Some pictures and vids.

Lady Arm Wrastlers

CLAW—Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers—will be putting on their next arm wrestling tournament April 8 at the Blue Moon Diner.

This one is in support of PEACE Scooter Girl, who has been riding around the country for the past year to put peace on the map. Show up, place your bribes and bets, and root for your favorite wrastler.

Peace is the Way

Critical Mass tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month and critical mass is happening. Somewhere. I don’t know where they meet. All I got is an email that says, “Critical Mass tomorrow!! See ya in the streets!” Sounds fun. Maybe I should dust off my bike.

Critical mass is a monthly mass bike ride that takes place the last Friday of every month. It started in 1992 in San Francisco and has spread. It’s purpose is generally to raise awareness of cycling as an alternative to cars. If Cville’s works the same way, there’s no leader or planned route—whoever is in front decides where the crowd goes. I can’t find any information about how long they’ve been doing this here either. Maybe 2001? Maybe 2005?

If you have done it before or have more details, let us know in the comments.

Update: I’m told they meet on the Corner at the big grass field at 5pm.

Friday After Four-thirty

Fridays After Five starts on April 18. I’ve always wanted to be a rock star. Haven’t you? I wonder what’s under that ridiculously giant white tent when they don’t have a concert going. Empty seats and an empty stage, I presume…

To commemorate the new season of Fridays, let’s throw our own rock concert. We’ll set up an Xbox 360 with Rock Band and rock out to rockin tunes. On stage. At the Pavilion. I shall call it One Friday After Four-thirty. Stupid. And fun. Perfect. Come rock out.

I haven’t worked out the logistics yet. A TV is good enough for me, but if anyone wants to provide a PA (or semi-portable stereo with aux input), that would obviously rock harder. And I don’t know what the power situation is there, so if you have a generator, that would rock as well. Details to follow, but I’m guessing it will happen on April 11.


Pillow fight … yea

The fight happened, which is good enough for me for only a week’s notice. The turnout could have been better, but those that showed had a good time. I think the folks on the Mall enjoying their meals outside got a kick out of it too. Except for the one person we heard mutter, “C’mon you kids, knock it off!” That person wouldn’t know fun if it hit him in the face in the form of a pillow, obviously. We had some people come by afterward that were eager to play, but didn’t know if they had to buy a pillow. Of course not, just bring your own and join in next time! Hopefully there’s a next time—sign up for the list or drop me an email if you’re interested.

Sorry if anyone tried to come out but didn’t find us. Apparently I could have been more clear about the location, which was in front of Christians Pizza. I forgot that this town has 20 versions of each street. And that “2nd Street Crossing” doesn’t necessarily mean anything to anyone that doesn’t dork out watching the City Council meetings on channel 10. My bad. If you were with another contingent having a fight, tell us about it.

pillow fight-3229c

More pix
Cool, link love from the Hook!

Kick throw drink

Registration is open until Monday for Spring Sports with the Charlottesville Sports and Social Club. Kickball and beer. Sounds fun.

Saturdays: Lawn Games League (Polish Horseshoes, Cornhole, and Bocce) and Sand Volleyball
Sundays: Kickball and Flag Football